Invented in Sweden as an alternative to timber for building homes, AAC blocks are making a rapid growth in the Indian construction industry. Now, many Indian companies are engaged in manufacturing these efficient building materials. Pravin Buildtech is one such reputed AAC Block Manufacturing Company that has established its name as a leading AAC Block Manufacturer in Gujarat, India. These blocks are actually Autoclaved Aerated Concrete and are abbreviated as AAC all over the world.

Let’s know about the flow of manufacturing process of these blocks in India. The steps are explained in a brief manner one by one.

  • Raw materials selection – A number of raw materials like cement, quartz sand, lime, water and aluminum paste are used for the preparation of these blocks.
  • Mixing of raw materials - In this step, raw materials in definite proportions are mixed together by the help of a mixing and pouring machine.
  • Casting – The prepared mixture or slurry is now poured in moulds of different sizes after greasing each of the moulds with a layer of oil. The size of mould varies from one manufacturing company to another.
  • Rising – This step does not need any human intervention and happens automatically as soon as the slurry is poured into the mould. This depends much on how much efficiently the raw materials are mixed and the prevalent weather conditions during the duration of rising.
  • Cutting and sizing – In this step, de-moulding is done with the help of an aerial machine. Then the green body that is formed is cut into various sizes by an air-invert machine.
  • Autoclaving – In the last step of the manufacturing process, the aerated bodies are then subjected to autoclaving for long 11 hours and are followed by curing process.

In many other countries, artificial heating process is used to facilitate the rising step. However, keeping in mind the hot weather conditions of India, the manufacturing process is done largely indigenously.