AAC Block ManufacturerThere are off course numerous differences existing between AAC Blocks and Red Bricks because of which AAC Blocks are now the preferred choice for construction. A reliable AAC Block Manufacturer is the best one to explain these differences as they are the ones who manufacture these blocks.  Pravin BuildTech is one such AAC Block Manufacturer Company with vast knowledge base of these blocks.

Some of the major differences that exist between the two are listed below.

Lighter and Larger in size

AAC Blocks are almost a whopping 70 percent less in weight in comparison to the red bricks and are more in size. This means less use of cement for binding and more saving. This also translates into a stronger building. The typical dimension of an AAC Block is 625 x 250 x 100-300 mm while that of a red brick is 230x115x75mm.

Increased strength

Safety is given prime importance while constructing any building. An AAC Block not only possess more compressive strength i.e. 35-40 kg per square cm in comparison to 25-30 kg per square cm, but it can also offer resistance to fire for 3 to 6 long hours. A red brick can at most resist fire for only two hours.

Energy saver

Using AAC Blocks can reduce energy consumption by 32 percent as its thermal conductivity is poorer in contrast to red bricks. This means it will not allow warm air during summers and cool air during winter to a building and thus offer thermal insulation.

Lighter in weight

AAC Blocks are lighter in weight and this means easy transportation and that too at reduced cost. Lighter in weight than red bricks, makes AAC Blocks resistant to earthquakes.

Apart from the above mentioned differences, there are also many other like less wet density in AAC Block in comparison to a red brick.