Various kinds of building components are widely-used nowadays. The CLC bricks or even the Cellular Light Weight Concrete bricks as well as the AAC bricks or Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocks are among the 2 preferred kinds of concrete blocks designed for constructing intentions.

Necessity of Landscape: A majority of the CLC products are compact in size thereby it takes very fewer space. This also contains lesser production capacity. Nevertheless, the completed products need a good number of space for curing. These types of bricks may hardly be built up along with each other. For that reason it requires a lot more space for accommodation.

The Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocks need several space for manufacturing because it requires the use of great equipments. Nevertheless, one time it is steam cured inside the autoclave, it really is about to be used. For this reason it is usually put aside on the top of each other without the worry over damage. Extra space is not necessary for storage of completed products.

Manufacturing Capability: The manufacturing capability of CLC blocks are comparatively substantially less when compared with the aerated blocks. However, the manufacturing capacity of aerated blocks is pretty large also it could be improved depending on the requirements of the customers. The manufacturing of blocks is perfect for huge projects because it is quite profitable.

Scalability: It is relatively hard to improve the manufacturing of CLC blocks in a similar environment as these equipments consist of smaller capabilities. Furthermore, it needs a lot of fixing time and it will require extra space to store the completed products. Even though the manufacturing is improved, these types of aac blocks can rarely be stacked on the top of one another to saving time as well as space.

The manufacturing of AAC blocks could be improved by setting up additional molds even more autoclaves. The manufacturing capacity could be increased with smaller expenditure that makes it among the perfect options of almost all the builders.

Investment: CLC plants require less investment when compared with the aerated concrete plants because these machineries can be costly. Establishing an aerated concrete plan includes large budget investment as well as it can be generally selected by entrepreneurs with huge funds.

One of the advanced types of concrete products, the autoclaved aerated concrete blocks include 80 percentage of air. When compared with the regular blocks, the AAC blocks are lightweight as well as provide thermal insulation. Even though the aerated concrete blocks are powerful it includes particular strength limitations when compared with the regular types of concrete blocks.