Fire Protected
fire-resistanceBased on the consistency of the AAC blocks, they provide fire protection up to 6 hours. These types of blocks are extremely ideal for the places where fire protection is of big concern.



Pest Protected
pest-resistanceAAC blocks are made from the inorganic substance in a number of constitutions that will enable you to preventing/avoiding termites, damages or losses.



Sound Resistant
sound-proofThe porous construction of the AAC blocks lead to improved sound consumption. The Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of the AAC blocks as much as 45 db. Hence, AAC blocks are actually the many perfect substance for the construction of surfaces in auditorium, resorts, hospitals, studios, and so on.



Earthquake Protected
earthquack-proofThe light weight character of the AAC blocks lead to much higher stability of the AAC blocks in the framework of the structures. Since the consequence of the earthquake is straightly proportional to the weight of the building, the building designed making use of AAC blocks tend to be more dependable as well as more reliable.



More quickly Development
faster-constructionSimply because the AAC block could be very convenient to manage, manage and also make use of normal equipment for cutting the wood for example the drill, band saws, and so on. Might be conveniently used to cut and line up the AAC. Furthermore, the AAC blocks are provided with bigger dimensions as well as lesser joints. This undoubtedly leads to quicker construction work as the set up time is a lot lower because of a lesser number of quantities of blocks along with the masonry amount required is also lowered resulting into lowered time to finish.

long-lastingAAC blocks are extremely excellent when it comes to the toughness. Greater level of power these particular blocks provides much higher stableness to the structure of the building. AAC is constructed from non-biodegradable substances, which neither decay nor appeal to mould, trying to keep interiors thoroughly clean as well as long lasting.


Cost Saving
cost-savingAAC block weighs in practically around 80% fewer as compared with the traditional red brick eventually resulting into terrific reduction of deadweight. Furthermore, the less deadweight results into reduction of the utilization of cement as well as metal that helps excellent in cost benefits.