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Features Of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block

Cost Saving

Cost saving

AAC block weighs almost around 80% less as compared to the conventional red brick ultimately resulting into great reduction of deadweight. Further, the reduced
deadweight results into reduction of the use of cement and steel which helps great in cost savings.
Faster Construction

Faster Construction

As the AAC block is very easy to handle, manipulate and use, ordinary tools for cutting the wood such as the drill, band saws, etc. could be easily used to cut and align the AAC. Moreover, the AAC blocks come with larger sizes and fewer joints. This ultimately results in faster construction work as the installation time is significantly reduced due to fewer amounts of blocks and the masonry amount involved is also lowered resulting into reduced time-to-finish.
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Water Saver

The AAC block constitutes of “macro” pores within its structure, unlike the conventional red brick that constitutes of the macro pores. The macro pores significantly blocks the capillary action as well as reduces the absorption of water within the AAC blocks to minimal.
Fire Resistance

Fire resistant

Depending upon the thickness of the AAC blocks, they offer fire resistance from 2 hours up to 6 hours. These blocks are highly suitable for the areas where fire safety is of great priority.
Energy Efficient

Energy efficiant

AAC block walls help maintaining the inner and outer temperatures ultimately lowering the energy costs. Thermal insulation is one of the finest features of the AAC blocks.
Earthquake Proof

Earthquake Resistant

The light weight property of the AAC blocks results into higher steadiness of the AAC blocks in the structure of the buildings. As the impact of the earthquake is directly proportional to the weight of the building, the building constructed using AAC blocks are more reliable and safer.
Long Lasting

Long lasting

AAC blocks are highly superior in terms of the strength. Higher level of strength of these blocks gives higher stability to the structure of the building.
Environment Friendly

Environment friendly

The potential of the AAC blocks of averting 200mn tones of emissions of CO2 within the environment helps saving $20 billion each year.
Pest Resistance

Pest Resistant

AAC blocks consist of the inorganic material in its constitution that helps preventing/avoiding termites, damages or losses.
Easy To Use

Easy to use

AAC blocks are quickly and accurately cut with a band saw or hand saw to the desired dimension including accurate angles and other shapes. AAC can also be drilled, nailed, grooved, routed, shaped, sculpted, carved, coated, floated, screwed into and milled with common tools and finished with paint, tile, plaster, or veneer.
Simplifies hydro-sanitary and electrical installations, such as pipes or ducts, which can be installed easily inside it.
Its also Available in custom sizes.
That why AAC is extremely workable product. Because it can be shaped by ordinary power tools with ease
Versatile Use


Almost any design can be achieved with ACC.
Non Toxic


Autoclaved Aerated Concrete products do not contain any toxic gas substances. The product does not harbour or encourage vermin.
Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation

AAC blocks are suitable for both external and internal construction. The thermal conductivity of the AAC blocks helps maintaining the inner temperature to be warm during the winters and cool during the summers.
Light Weight


AAC weight approximately 1/3 of clay brick without compromise in strength that Reduces dead weight on the foundations and structural members. Thus economy in constructions .This attribute makes the design and construction of AAC buildings easier and less strenuous. The lighter weight doesn't compromise strength as AAC has a compressive strength of 435 psi.
Moisture Resistance

Moisture Resistance

Moisture from both external and internal sources can cause damage to buildings, therefore, moisture protection is a primary consideration.
External moisture sources include rain and water from the soil. Internal moisture, usually in the form of humidity, can cause condensation on the surface of the walls as well as condensation inside the wall itself.
AAC has a very porous structure which is characterized by "macro" pores. Macro pores are small air bubbles evenly distributed throughout the material. Therefore, absorption of water into the AAC material is minimal.
Sound Proof

Sound proof

The porous structure of the AAC blocks results into enhanced sound absorption. The Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of the AAC blocks up to 45 db. Thus, AAC blocks have been the most ideal material for the construction of walls in auditorium, hotels, hospitals, studios, etc.
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